Thursday, May 1, 2008

2008 RIEMA Conference

The '08 Rhode Island Educational Media Association Conference was held April 28th. I left feeling enlightened and ready to implement new learning into my schools. I directed my day toward digital literacy, as I am taking an online course in Web 2.0 and am particularly interested in these topics.
I attended both of Clint Kennedy's sessions on Blended Learning (face-to-face + online tools= blended learning). I also attended Dave Fontaine's Web 2.o presentation. During Kennedy's second session, and with some skills from Fontaine's course, I was inspired to create a wiki for conference attendees: I added a page for each of the sessions, and included a brief summary of each session under its link. Since then, I have also added session notes for a few of the sessions I attended. Then, I promoted the wiki at the conference. RIEMA members have begun to add to this collaborative tool, for reference now and in the future. Visit the wiki to contribute your reflections about each session, or to add resources and/or lesson plans related to the sessions!